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Square One Program FAQs

Can I buy the SQUARE ONE Program? +

Yes! The entire program is available for purchase.
This link has details on what's included in the packages along with special discount pricing:  https://sq1.chrisbeatcancer.com/own

What is the Digital Support Pass (Buddy Pass)? +

The Digital Buddy Pass is included with your purchase of the SQUARE ONE program. It allows you to give LIFETIME online access to one additional person you’d like to share SQUARE ONE with. This is ideal if you’re a cancer patient who wants to share the information you’re learning with a caregiver, if you’re a prevention seeker who needs a health buddy, or if you simply want to give this information to someone who needs it.

Full details on everything included with SQUARE ONE here:  sq1.chrisbeatcancer.com/own

What’s the difference between the packages? +
  • The Digital Package includes online access to the 10 Video Modules, Transcripts for all the modules, and the SQUARE ONE Guide Book. You will receive an email upon purchasing that contains your online access to the membership portal.
  • The Physical Package includes all 10 modules on DVD and a printed copy of the SQUARE ONE Transcripts Book and the Guide Book, plus downloadable MP3s. You will receive immediate access to the MP3s and your physical package will ship out within two business days of your order.
  • The Digital+Physical Package combines the Digital and Physical versions so you receive all the resources that come in both packages: You will receive immediate access via email to the Digital Package and your Physical Package will ship out within two business days of your order.
  • ALL PACKAGES include access to 6 Monthly LIVE Group Q&A’s with Chris, Private Online Support Group Access, Buddy Pass to share a Digital Package of SQ1, the Kitchen Masterclass,  Dinners with Chris series, Water Fasting Masterclass, and the Cancer Answers Ebook. This page has all the details sq1.chrisbeatcancer.com/own
What if I change my mind after I purchase? +

SQUARE ONE comes with a 6 Month Money-Back Guarantee. If you don’t experience a significant improvement in your health or you decide this isn’t for you, just let me know, and I’ll refund your payment (less shipping and handling for the Physical and Digital + Physical packages).


What if I’m taking chemo and radiation? +

The SQUARE ONE Healing Cancer Coaching Program is for anyone who has cancer. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing conventional or alternative therapy. The reason why any cancer patient can use this material for their healing journey is because SQUARE ONE deals with the foundational elements of health — diet, exercise, eliminating toxins and cancer causers, stopping bad habits, getting optimal rest and exercise, removing stress and more.

This program  will show you how to take control of your health and make radical changes to your life to reduce your risk and improve your odds of survival. 90% of the information in the program is applicable to patients who are taking chemo and radiation. The only information that may not be applicable for certain chemo and radiation patients are a some of the detoxification protocols, fasting, and advanced supplement protocols.

Can I pay with a check? +

We accept cashier's checks and personal checks.

For Physical and Combo Packages - please add $9.97 for US Domestic Shipping and $19.97 for International Shipping

Make checks out to: Chris Beat Cancer, LLC

Mail to:

Chris Beat Cancer
111 S. Highland #327
Memphis, Tennessee 38111 United States

*Be sure to included your phone number, mailing address and email address with your payment.

Please also create a support ticket above and let the support team know that you are mailing your payment.

Bulk Pricing Discount +

If you would like to purchase multiple copies of SQUARE ONE to give to those you care about, please submit a support ticket above to contact our team to assist in getting you the best discounts possible.

Thank you!


Shipment Tracking & DVD's Playing in Other Countries +

All domestic orders ship USPS. You will be emailed when the order ships along with a tracking number. Most international orders will receive a tracking number as well. Your physical package will ship out within two business days of your order.

The product DVD's are coded for region '0' and will play on most DVD players around the world.  If you have an issue with your DVD playing please submit a support ticket above.

Members FAQs

When will I receive my Package? +

The Digital Package (Access to the Online Membership Site) You will be sent an email containing your username and password to access your Digital Package, along with all of the bonuses, immediately upon purchase.

The Physical and Combo Packages (DVDs and Books) Physical and Combo packages typically ship with 48 hours. We will notify you via email when your package has shipped!

You will be sent an email containing your username and password to access the Digital Package part of your purchase along with the bonuses, immediately after purchase.

I paid but haven't received online access yet +

You will be sent an email containing your username and password to access your Digital Package, along with your private Buddy Pass link to share, immediately upon purchase.

How long is the Buddy Pass link active? +

The Digital Buddy Pass included with your SQUARE ONE purchase allows you to give lifetime online access to an additional person. You will receive a link to share the Buddy Pass in your welcome email upon purchasing SQUARE ONE. The link will be active for 30 days.

If you don't have anyone to give the Buddy Pass to now, we can give you a new link anytime in the next year, whenever you are ready. Just let the support team know. 🙂

My link to the SQUARE ONE Member site doesn't work +

If the link to access the SQUARE ONE Digital Package (Membership Site) doesn't work, copy and paste it into your browser.

Or just click this link: squareone.chrisbeatcancer.com/login

Once you are there, bookmark it in your browser.

The Membership site contains all of the videos, transcripts and guides for you to watch online and download.


How do I change my email, user name or password? +

If you would like emails from me to go to a different email address. Just click the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any of my emails  and it will take you to a page were you can update your contact info.

If you would like to change your SQUARE ONE contact info:

Log in to the SQUARE ONE Membership site at squareone.chrisbeatcancer.com

Once you are logged in, click "Log In" in the navigation bar, then click "My Profile".

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